Whether you are looking to start working in the Equestrian Industry or would like to develop your career further, here you will find options for training in the modality of Equine & Veterinary Thermography.

Training in this field will bring many rewards such as working within an industry that is dynamic and fast-paced, working hours to suit yourself and doing a job that you are passionate about.

Firstly becoming an Equine Infrared  Thermographer takes more than just picking up an infrared camera and taking a picture.

Like any diagnostic or monitoring tool within the veterinary industry, it takes practical skill and an understanding of the theory behind the application. It also means an understanding of standardization and protocol is necessary to achieve reliable and consistent results always. 

The Equestrian industry itself is booming with an ever increasing number of companies opening up around the country, and a competitive industry that is growing year on year.

Established in 2004 Equitherm is the most experienced training provider in the world having trained over 700 Thermographers worldwide. We have developed an extensive and inclusive portfolio of training courses to offer world-class training for everyone and continue to lead the way with new training options which keep our graduates at the head of the industry. Equitherm continues to invest heavily in a development program that provides exciting, relevant and high-quality training.

Equitherm is currently undergoing assessment and contracts with City and guilds and has been advised that all our qualifying students will be granted Grandfather status on completion of this process. 

" I trained with Equitherm Training in 2013 and have since had the most fantastic time building my business. I have since met and worked with some amazing people and my income has threbled since working as an Equine thermographer. My training with Equitherm was the best experience and I left feeling confident in my ability to go forward and practise as a Equitherm Thermographer, Thanks Equitherm" Sally Barnes, Manchester

" Having trained with Equitherm in 2009, I have been able to build my business in a way that has added value. My rehabilitation centre now uses Equine Infrared Thermographyon a daily basis to not only identify problems but to regularly monitor horses through recovery. I have a number of very high profile clients who know they will recieve a top class service. The success for the thermography is simply down to the level of training I recieved from Equitherm. Equitherm are very thorough with their training and they ensured that when I left I was able to do the job correctly. Equitherm's attention to detail is second to none and I am proud to tell people who I trained with" Emma Hawthorne, Flawborugh Equine, Nottingham..